Technologies for your proteomic applications

Innovative tools for mass spectrometry based proteomics.

Introducing the next generation of protein sample preparation

PreON – Automated sample preparation workflows for efficient LC/MS analysis

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Sample Preparation Kit iST

Innovative products for MS-based proteomics

PreOmics provides kits for sample preparation and peptide cleanup, as well as a robotic platform for full automation of sample processing.

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Using the iST kit enables you to start processing in the morning and be ready in the afternoon …

— Dr. Manuel Tzouros, Roche

We believe in this new method and will subsequently implement it in our future project designs …

— Dr. Andreas Tebbe, Evotec

The kit drastically reduced hands-on-time as well as necessary amounts of starting material …

— Dr. Christine von Törne, Helmholtz

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About us

We provide the best possible solutions and the highest quality standards to enable a user-friendly and intuitive use of mass spectrometry (MS)-based proteomics.

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Our technology allows entirely new insights in disease mechanisms and revolutionizes personalized medicine as well as companion diagnostics for a better healthcare.

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