Our technology allows entirely new insights in disease mechanisms and revolutionizes personalized medicine as well as companion diagnostics for a better healthcare.

MS-based proteomics

Mass spectrometry (MS)-based proteomics enables the parallel identification, characterization and quantification of hundreds to thousands of proteins even in the most complex biological samples.

Figure of the mass spectrometry workflow
The general workflow consists of sample collection (1), sample preparation (2), optional pre-fractionation (3), liquid chromatography coupled to a mass spectrometer (4), data processing (5) and analyses (6).

MS-based proteomics is the ideal technology for:

  • Identification of protein interaction partners
  • Large-scale protein identification and discovery
  • Relative and absolute protein quantification of proteins
  • Analyses of post-translational protein modifications


Today, laboratories are struggling with slow, irreproducible, non-robust and non-sensitive proteomic sample preparation workflows. These workflows are time consuming and cannot be automatized. This leads to loss of money, time, and precious samples.

Figure of the limitations of sample preparation
Limitations are: Elaborate sample preparation, insufficient reproducibility, missing automatization and missing quality control & standardization.

PreOmics’ Solution

PreOmics addresses these limitations and our technologies enable a robust and reproducible sample preparation with a significant time advantage compared to its competitors, which is essential for reliable and informative results.

Steps of iST

  • Single-step lysis, denaturation, alkylation and reduction
  • Ultrafast proteolytic digestion
  • Dual clean-up to remove any type of contaminant
  • Works with standard lab equipment
  • Results in ready-to-measure peptides


Comparison of iST with State of the art
Current protocols need more than 44 hours total time and 4.5 hours hands-on-time. PreOmics reduces these times down to 2.5 hours total and 1 hour hands-on-time.