PreOmics’ set the standard for efficient sample preparation and peptide cleanup in the field of MS-based proteomics.

iST technology for sample preparation

Our iST Kits provide a complete solution for reliable sample preparation from any starting material to ready-to-measure peptides in less than 3 hours.

PreOmic’s proprietary iST technology is an enhancement upon the in-StageTip (iST) method for performing sample processing, developed in the Matthias Mann Lab & first described in Kulak et al.; Nature Methods; 2014.

Sample Preparation Kit iST
Article No. P.O.00001

iST 8×

€ 299,– *

  • Reproducible, reliable and robust
  • Excellent sensitivity for 1–100 µg
  • Fast and versatile with various sample types
  • Proprietary peptide cleanup avoids MS downtime
Sample Preparation Kit iST
Article No. P.O.00027

iST 96×

€ 2.590,– *

  • All advantages of the iST 8×
  • Flexibility to process 96 samples or smaller batches
  • Start immediately with ready-to-go reagents
  • From starting material to clean peptides in < 3 hours

Protocol iST Kit 96×

Sample Preparation Kit iST-HT
Article No. P.O.00067

iST-HT 192×

€ 5.180,– *

  • One single kit for high-throughput processing of up to 192 samples
  • Automation-friendly specifically designed for use on liquid handling systems
  • All buffers and enzymes stored in large vials for ease of loading into platform reservoirs
  • A full complement of ready-to-go high quality MS compatible reagents and plasticware

Protocol iST-HT Kit 192×

Our iST-NHS Kits provides a streamlined solution for reliable sample preparation compatible with chemical labelling such as iTRAQ or TMT.

Sample Preparation Kit iST-NHS
Article No. P.O.00026

iST-NHS 12×


€ 449,– *

  • All advantages of the iST 8×
  • Convenient labeling within the iST workflow
  • From starting material to clean & labeled peptides in less than 4 hours
Sample Preparation Kit iST-NHS
Article No. P.O.00030

iST-NHS 96×


€ 2.590,– *

  • All advantages of the iST-NHS 12×
  • Flexibility to process 96 samples or multiple batches

Protocol iST-NHS Kit 96×

The iST GFP-Trap Kits comprises the ChromoTek GFP-Trap for IP/Co-IP of GFP-fusion proteins and the PreOmics iST Kit for bottom-up proteomic sample preparation.

Peptide cleanup

PreOmics’ Phoenix Kit for Peptide Cleanup offers an easy-to-use solution to clean up peptide mixtures and efficiently remove detergents, polymers, salts, lipids and more for reliable LC-MS analyses.

Peptide Cleanup Kit Phoenix
Article No. P.O.00023

Phoenix 96×

€ 1.599,– *

  • Highly efficient cleanup of peptides
  • Exceptional peptide recovery
  • Easy-to-use, sensitive and fast

Accessories for PreOmics technologies

PreOmics offers accessories for efficient sample processing and scale-up.

Heating shaker adapter
Article No. P.O.00004

Heating shaker adapter

€ 1.080,– *

  • For MTP plate shakers
  • Compatible to liquid handling platform such as the Agilent Bravo
  • Optimal heat transfer to iST Cartridge
  • Compatible to PreOmics 96-well adapter
96-well adapter
Article No. P.O.00002

96-well adapter 2×

€ 150,– *

  • Compatible to PreOmics heating shaker adapter
  • Compatible to MTP plates
  • Process up to 96 iST Cartridges in parallel

* Prices plus VAT and delivery costs.

Peptide pre-fractionation technologies

Peptide pre-fractionation has proven to be particularly powerful to achieve near-comprehensive identification and quantification of complex peptide mixtures.

PreOmics is currently developing technologies for efficient and sensitive peptide pre-fractionation. Sign up for our newsletter below to receive further updates.