PreOmics provides kits for sample preparation and peptide cleanup in the field of MS-based proteomics. A device for peptide pre-fractionation is currently under development.

Sample Preparation

PreOmics’ iST Kits offer all-in-one, standardized and simple-to-use solutions for reproducible preparation from any starting material to clean peptide mixtures in just 1 hour for LC-MS measurements.

Photo of the Sample Preparation Kit iST
Article No. P.O.00001

iST 8×

€ 299,– *

  • All-in-one for any starting material
  • Simple-to-use, sensitive and fast
  • Reproducible, reliable and robust
  • Only standard lab equipment needed

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Photo of the Sample Preparation Kit iST
Article No. P.O.00027

iST 96×

€ 2.590,– *

  • All advantages of the iST 8×
  • High-throughput applications
  • Ready-to-go aliquots for best quality

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Photo of the Sample Preparation Kit iST
Article No. P.O.00001_IP

IP-iST 8×


€ 299,– *

  • Compatible with Agarose & magnetic beads
  • Simple-to-use, sensitive and fast
  • Only standard lab equipment needed

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Sample Cleanup

PreOmics’ Peptide Cleanup Kits offer a simple-to-use solution to clean up peptide mixtures and remove detergents, polymers, salts, lipids and more for reliable LC-MS measurements.

Accessories for iST

PreOmics offers accessories for high-throughput sample processing.

96-well adapter
Article No. P.O.00002

96-well adapter

€ 150,– *

  • for MTP plate centrifuges
  • 2 plates

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Heating shaker adapter
Article No. P.O.00004

Heating shaker adapter

€ 1.080,– *

  • for MTP plate shakers
  • 1 adapter & plate

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Instruments for peptide pre-fractionation

Spider, an instrument for peptide pre-fractionation


The SPIDER peptide pre-fractionation system will be the first nano-flow fully automated peptide pre-fractionation device.

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